Europe by Train - My Top 5 Reasons

Windmill in Hoofddorp just outside Amsterdam, Europe by trainLiving and working in Amsterdam had its advantages, especially when your apartment was just steps from Centraal Station. I would spend the week in the city and the weekends exploring anywhere and everywhere I could get to on the train. 

Here are my top 5 reasons to ride the train in Europe.

5.  The spontaneity and flexibility offered by a rail pass

A rail pass means traveling where and when you want - change plans midday or extend your visit - all without having to be back for a specific train (that is unless you have a reservation).  Eurail has many different options available depending on how many days you want to travel and how long your trip will be, and which countries you plan on visiting. For help on selecting the pass best for you, follow this link. Remember to check for discounts that may apply to you, including youth and small group discounts. Timetables and maps are online and easy to use.Antwerp Central Station, Europe by train

4. The experience of traveling by train in Europe

Zurich Central train station SBB Rail City Switzerland, Europe by train

Trains are easily accessible from most airports and can get you to almost anywhere you want to go. Since there are no security lines to pass through, there’s no need to show up hours in advance of your departure.  Once you are on the train, sit back and enjoy the view or even catch a nap, without the worry of having to follow directions or find a place to park. Trains are very rarely canceled or late.

3. Daytripping from homebaseDelft Oude Kerk Leaning Tower Netherlands daytrip, Europe by train

As much I loved the city of Amsterdam, I always looked forward to the weekend when I would take the train to explore some place new.  The density of cities and towns within Europe, and the seemingly endless rail connections offer many great daytrips, or even overnighters if you want to see something just a little further away.  Two of my favorite day trip locations were Delft and Maastricht.

Maastricht Netherlands Fortified wall, Europe by train

2. Quite literally, Central Stations

Often, the main train station in a city is called ‘Central Station’, because it is located in the city centre.  Being so centrally located allows you to begin exploring the city immediately upon stepping outside of the station. Within the Central Station you can often find tourist offices, where city maps and guides can be found, along with some personal local recommendations.

1. Architecture of the buildings

Honestly, I know very little about architecture, but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating it all the same.  Antwerp Central Station is my personal favorite. In 2011, this station won Europa Nostra Award  for conservation of cultural heritage.

What are your reasons to take the train?

Antwerp Central Train Station Restoration Clock, Europe by train

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