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Monday, Sep 30, 2013

The people of Ellas need to have a land that matches their spirit, and they do. 

The landscape of Greece is breathtaking.  The majestic mountains are filled with greenery, and are warm, unlike the starkness of a bare rock face.  Farmlands extend as far as the eye can see, boasting olive groves, grapes, and even sun flowers, to name but a few.  The sea sparkles in the sunlight, as if Poseidon himself was smiling up from the depths, enticing you to enjoy the warmth of his waters. 


Sithonia, Greece in the region of HaldikiRoadtripping in Greece

Of course, here is where I stop and say rent a car, because every Grecian holiday has to include a roadtrip. You aren't Greek, can't speak the language, and are intimidated to drive? Don't be. The signs are in English too.


The roadtrip begins - heading to ThessalonikiOur roadtrip took us to Northern Greece. This area of the country is spectacular, sure to impress any traveler with its lush vegetation, mountain scenery, and beautiful beaches. On the drive from Thessaloniki to Kavala, the views were incredible. The mountains of the area are rich in granite and, of course, marble and we saw many quarries as we drove. While traveling along the highway, we took many stops for the perfect “Panoramic View” that just takes your breath away.

Very close to Thessaloniki, along the Aegean, there is a region called Halkidiki. Arguably it has some of the most beautiful beaches and scenery in all of Greece.  My husband’s father was from the region, and each time we visit Greece, we spend time touring the legs. The first leg, Kassandra, is very touristy. The second and my favourite, is Sithonia, which is much more wild, and the views are incredible.


Lovely old house in Kassandra, GreeceWe spent a day touring Thassos, one of the northern islands of Greece.  The sand along its beaches glittered with flecks of gold. Whether it was real gold, or just looked like it, we couldn’t be sure, however, that coupled with the sparkling sea…well, why would you ever leave?


Mount Olympus at sunset - the view from acroess the AegeanThe people, the food, the culture, the land - this is my Greece or, Ellas, as it’s called - and this is what it means to experience her as a native.   

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