Family Pride at Toronto Pride Week

Pride Parade on Yonge St
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Monday, Jul 29, 2013

Toronto´s Church-Wellesley Village is a great place for dining, dancing, drinking and shopping all year round.  This neighbourhood is home to one of the most vibrant gay districts in North America and every year it plays host to Pride Week, Canada´s biggest LGBT community celebrations, with or without the Mayor!

Going to Pride in Toronto

This year we went to the Pride festivities for the first time since becoming parents. This would be our son´s first Pride and just like anywhere else we take our son for the first time, we try to set his expectations in advance. Toronto_Pride_-_Church_Wellesley_village_Alexander_St_Sign.jpg

Rainbow street signs in Church- Wellesley VillageEven still I have to admit that I was a little nervous. He deals very well with questions that come his way about having two dads but he has never seen anything like Pride’s extravaganza. I told him how friendly every one is, reminded him of the reasons why we should celebrate gay rights and that I would love to know about the things he thought were different, interesting, and maybe even shocking to see for the first time.

Family Pride at Church Street Public School


Church street Public School - Site of many Family Pride FestivitiesWe made plans to meet some friends who were also bringing their son to the Pride festivities for the first time.  We met at the Church Street Public School, which offered activities and entertainment for families. The two boys hit it off immediately. They dressed up in costumes, climbed trees, played some baseball and soon realized that there were many more kids with two moms or two dads than they ever imagined.  

The Extravaganza of Pride Toronto


Toronto´s Pride Week showcases the colourful and extravagantWe spent an hour or so walking around and the boys made a few comments here and there about some of the more interesting sights. Then it happened - when none of us expected it - the most priceless moment of the entire day.  A tall,  young and topless lady came walking directly towards us - just like we were on a European beach, in New Orleans at Mardi Gras or in Brazil for Carnival.  Both boys’ eyes froze and they didn´t say a word.  Later when we sat down for a cool drink,  they finally brought it up and had us all in stitches by talking about how they didn’t know what to do and where to look.


Do it like a Local - Shop and Play in Church-Wellesley VillageReflecting on Our First Family Pride

In hindsight there was no need to worry.  Our first Family Pride was a great experience and it made us proud to see how open minded our son is. Perhaps it was to be expected because he has gay parents, but I’d like to believe it’s because his parents are open minded as well.



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