What I Learned on the First Roadtrip of 2013 - Day 2

Essential Trip Stats


Days driven:3
Time zones crossed:2
Distance:3715 km
Temperature range:30C
low -15C, high 15C


Always have your camera ready (and why you need a better camera than the one in your phone)


I missed Pocohontas, the Home of James Dean sign, Canadian County, and some great silhouettes of grain elevators and farmhouses. This was mostly due to the inability of my smartphone to take pictures quickly and clearly, especially in low light conditions. The fact that we were going at least 100 km/h may have also contributed to the photo quality. 


Fortunately I didn't miss Cuba, Lebanon, Sleeper or the ironically placed, larger than life bowling pin next to the Adult Superstore billboard.

You never know what you might see on your roadtrip and you certainly don’t want to miss anything memorable. I did manage to capture these (mostly clear) pictures on Day 2 with my phone. 

As for my next roadtrip, I have two choices, have my Nikon ready at all times, or upgrade my smartphone. Big decisions!

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