A Local Coffee Shop in Amsterdam

The inspiration for the "Do it like a local" blog came while I was working abroad in Amsterdam. It was then that I began to experience places through the eyes of those that live there, rather than as a tourist. I even managed to learn some dutch.

I lived there for 4 months during the rainiest summer I could ever imagine. If the sun was out for 15 days during my entire stay I would be surprised. My apartment was perfectly located, just on the edge of the infamous Red Light District, steps away from Centraal Station, in a stylishly renovated typical Amsterdam rowhouse. I'll also note that my apartment was on the ground floor,which is particularly advantageous in Holland where staircases are notoriously steep and narrow.  

During one of my transatlantic flights from Toronto back to Amsterdam, I read an article in the airline magazine highlighting some of the writer’s favorite spots in the city. One coffee shop was a short walk from my apartment, so I checked it out. (I know what you are thinking and no, it wasn't that kind of coffee shop.) 

Amsterdam_Cafe_de_Jaren-001.jpgKoffie verkeerd was my coffee drink of choice while in the Netherlands, which is essentially the dutch version of a latte. The literal translation of the dutch is "coffee wrong" meaning that it contains too much milk compared to a "normal" coffee. I know for many coffee purists that you will agree more with the literal translation than you do with me.  Geen probleem! (Translation - no problem.)  You enjoy your coffee and I’ll enjoy mine.

After one visit, I was hooked.  I spent many hours at this cafe with my laptop because not only was the coffee good, but even better was the free wifi and view of the canal. 
If you are in Amsterdam and want to try it for yourself, go to Café de Jaren  at Nieuwe Doelenstraat 20. 

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