Travel Tip - Staying Connected Abroad

Staying Native is constantly on the lookout for services to make "doing it like a local" easier for our community of likeminded travelers.

One of the biggest pains of traveling can be the mobile phone bill you receive upon your return, that is, if your phone worked at all. In order to avoid roaming charges and expensive data rates, we have personally bought pay as you go phones and tried to find local SIMs. This exercise is often frustrating, time consuming and certainly not the way you want to start your trip.

Wouldn't it be better to have a local SIM card with a preassigned number and data services before you leave? We think so too.

Why we like

“We are commiritesimlogo.giftted to reducing the costs of overseas communication and making the process of doing this as simple and efficient as possible.”

The guys at are making staying in contact while traveling easier and cheaper, one traveler at a time. has hand picked Pay-As-You-Go local SIM products that are cost effective and convenient for over 50 countries on 6 continents. Plus, they have 2 day delivery service to most places around the world. 

How did this all come about?
We sat down with John Butterfield, Director and co-founder of to find out more.

John and his business partner Peter spent the past 12 years traveling all over Europe and Africa, which often meant spending many weeks of the year away from home. Expensive calls to family and colleagues, outrageous data costs and hours wasted searching for local SIM cards - there had to be an easier, less expensive way to do this. After 2 years, of searching, negotiating and building upon their telecom background, was launched in July 2012.

If you'd like to try for your next trip, make sure you use this code (238564) to receive a bonus offer.

Now, we couldn’t just let our post end there, we needed some more information from John.

Where is your favorite travel destination and why?

John:  My favourite place to visit has to be Rome. It's only a few hours from London, with small family run restaurants and the grandeur of the Vatican, New Rome and Old Rome. As a lover of history I have not been anywhere else in the world that has impacted me more than standing in the coliseum and hearing the stories of Ancient Rome, the founders of the civilized world - incredible.  

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