Staying Native

  1. To take up residence in a particular place as though belonging by birth
  2. To experience a place through the eyes of a local: Do it like a Local
  1. A community of travelers connecting with locals for authentic travel recommendations

Experiential Travelers like to Do it like a Local™

Immersing yourself in the local culture is the most engaging and interesting way to travel. Your best travel memories aren't made in the hotel lobby or the big name brand restaurant chain on the high street, so get out and experience your destination like a local.

Cities are full of hidden gems known by locals that are just waiting to be discovered. The Staying Native community helps travelers find local insight and recommendations by connecting them with local experts, local businesses and local artists for truly authentic experiences.

Be a Part of the Community

You know how to Do it like a local™. Share those great spots and experiences that make your hometown unique. Who better to share these insights into destinations than the people who live there?
Become a local expert now.

Do I need to create a profile to like local picks and make comments?

Likes can be made without logging in or creating your profile, but we won’t keep track of what inspires you until you log in.

To leave your comments or reviews, we require that you are logged in or leave your email address ( which is not shared or shown in accordance with Staying Native’s privacy policy).

How is a Local Expert different from being a Featured Blogger?

Local experts are not limited by destination.  You can become a local expert  and share your local insight at any time.  Local experts are welcome to submit guest blog posts.

How can I become a Featured Blogger?

To be a Featured Blogger you must apply to Staying Native.

Featured Bloggers have a dedicated profile page to let travelers connect with you, your blog, and the local insight that you share.  We want to let them know that you and your blog are out there, not just to provide them with the best place for a latte in your neighbourhood but also to share your insight into even more fantastic places around the world!

Who can contribute Guest Posts to your blog?

We accept guest posts from all travelers. Please review our blog submission guidelines.

I’m not a local expert but I have a great recommendation.

We're working on a solution for that.  Soon we will have a way for you to submit your great local finds for our local experts to add to the site.