An Afternoon with Friends at The Old Mill Tea Garden

Monday, February 24, 2014

High Tea.  The words conjure images of old ladies in big hats, gathered together in a stuffy room, pinkies held high while eating cucumber sandwiches and drinking tea. Boring? Not so.  

In fact, it is a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon, especially during a cold and snowy winter!

Delicious treats and an extensive selection of teas await

There are many places in Toronto to partake in high tea.  Many of the older hotels and spas offer the service, however, one of my favourite spots is the Old Mill

The Old Mill Tea Garden, celebrating its centennial in 2014.

Opened in 1914, the Old Mill Tea Garden is situated in the west end of Toronto, along the Humber River.  Its beautiful stone building and manicured grounds are remniscent of a Swiss Village and often play host to weddings but on this wintry Sunday, it was the place to be for afternoon tea. 

High Tea at the Old Mill

Our table was situated in front of a huge fireplace, it's warmth enveloping us on that cold day, and seeming to invite close conversation. Each person selected their own choice of tea, which was served in individual teapots.  And then came the food.  Possibly not the fare for 'men', it was perfect for an afternoon with the ladies.  

Two three-tiered platters were placed on our table, each filled with dainty and delicious sandwiches, quiches, scones with clotted cream and jams, and of course, lady-sized desserts of lemon custard, cookies and carrot cake. 

With its warm ambience, and delectable goodies, High Tea at the Old Mill is a must-do experience for all of you girlfriends out there.

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