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Yesterday was even better than you had imagined it would be.  The family spent the entire day together at the beach, hours of fun in the sun.  What followed was a relaxed meal, an evening stroll through town and a kid approved movie on TV.  Since leaving home 48 hours earlier, you’ve had 15 minutes to yourself, which is  the sum total time you spent in the shower that morning.

Family vacations create wonderful memories and stories that you will share for years to come, but honestly, they don’t often feel like vacations in the moment. Wouldn’t you love to steal away, even if just for a few moments?

Let sleeping dogs lie (in)

The kids are exhausted, having been up way past their typical bedtime and are very likely to sleep in, as is their father.  I find that getting up even half an hour early gives me the opportunity for a morning walk or, if I’m really lucky, a drop-in class at a local yoga studio.  Making time for exercise makes me feel better about the snacks and drinks I’ll be indulging in later while I’m doing next to nothing on the beach and gives me some quiet time before the day begins.Cape Cod - Orleans Yoga and Pilates

Catch an early morning Flow class at Orleans Yoga & Pilates

Get a pedicure

Are the kids ignoring you while they build that sand castle or chase hermit crabs?  Why not take a walk.  Not too far from the kids, but just far enough to see what’s happening down  at the other end of the beach.  Head closer to the water to enjoy the feeling of the sand near the edge, cool and wet beneath your toes, a refreshing contrast to the hot dry sand below your beach chair.   Let the sand work its magic on your soul and your soles. The end result: The perfect exfoliation courtesy of Mother Nature.

Cape Cod - Walk on the Beach

A walk on the beach is good for your soul and your soles


Parents are no strangers to multitasking.  This skill is finely honed, out of necessity, since there are only so many hours in a day in which to get everything done.  While on vacation use this skill to your advantage to get some well-deserved downtime.  My recommendation is to find a dining establishment co-located with a playground, miniputt or other age appropriate diversions, where you can enjoy a local meal, with a view of the kids, who are happily occupied. Kids are having fun and you enjoy your meal. Total win-win!

Cape Cod - Lobster Roll at Arnolds

Cape Cod's best Lobster roll sandwich at Arnold's with Adventure golf for the kids

Now get back to being the DJ, snackmaster, activity co-ordinator and navigator - they need you! P.S. Enjoy the rest of your family vacation.

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