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Small Town Toronto - The Beach

There are many parts of Toronto that are much like visiting a small town. The Beach neighbourhood in Toronto’s southeast corner delivers that small town feeling.  Everyone may not know your name, but you can guarantee that the local businesses are loyally frequented by the locals. One such fixture in The Beach is the Fox Theatre.

A Bygone Era

Upon entering the theatre, you are instantly transported in time. Forget the homogenous look and feel of the 'big' corporate cinema and remember another era, one of red velvet seats and lots of leg room. Open since April 1914, The Fox celebrates its centennial this year, making it one of the longest running cinemas in North America.

The front entrance of the Fox Theatre in The Beach

What makes the theatre so special?

It is not just the history, it's also the atmosphere. It's a place that feels like home – with a very large screen.

It's a place where mommies and babies can come during the week to enjoy a film. It's the place in the neighbourhood where you can take your kids on Family Day to see free screenings of classic cartoons, all on 35mm film. Just like the old days.

Antique cameras at Fox Theatre

One whose old candy bar, situated just behind the last row of seats, is still visible, along with the antique projectors. One that treasures their customers above all else, and screens the Oscars for free, projecting the event on their screen for their patrons to enjoy.  

Steeped in history, with an old-fashioned romantic aura, it's a must-see in Toronto, for residents and visitors alike. Also don't forget to grab a bite at “The Garden Gate” - or, “The Goof” as it is affectionately known – before your show!

Leg room and red velvet seats at The Fox

Don't take my word for it. Head on down to The Beach and enjoy a slice of Toronto history.

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