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The Legend of Giant's Causeway

Sharing my love of local legends and some insight into the science behind the stories. Do it like a local at Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland.
For me, one of the best parts of travelling is finding out about local legends.  Some are historically plausible, others… not so much.  In Ireland, the legends are about haunted p…

Market Day in Briancon

Exploring a UNESCO World Heritage site and checking out the local market.
I have to admit that I knew very little about Briançon before we decided to go there.  I didn’t know that it was a walled city or that its fortifications had been named as an UNES…

Paraty - A Piece of Paradise

Paraty is a beautiful colonial town in Brazil. Stunning beaches, warm waters, cobblestone streets and whitewashed buildings against a backdrop of lush tropical vegetation - simply a piece of paradise.
I love Brazil, though I have to admit I’m biased, since I am Brazilian.  Being a native has its advantages and has allowed me to see many fantastic parts of the country that touri…

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