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A Taste of the Wild West in Scottsdale - Pinnacle Peak Patio

Scottsdale most often brings to mind upscale shopping, fancy cars and of course, golf. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Pinnacle Peak Patio, a relaxed place to kickback and soak up some of the Wild West that put this area on the map.
The patio was packed, BBQs were grilling and guns were blazing. What? Scottsdale is synonymous with palm trees, art galleries, upscale shopping and dining, emerald green golf c…

Voluntouring in Cambodia: An Interview - Part 2

What to see and do in Phnom Penh? Georgie has you covered with her best recommendations for day and night. Do it like a local in Cambodia! Be a traveler, not a tourist.
This is part 2 of our interview with Georgie about her experience voluntouring in Cambodia. If you missed part 1 you can read it here. Q. Did you see any interesting things in P…

Voluntouring in Cambodia: An Interview - Part 1

What's a gap year good for? Voluntouring of course. Georgie shares some insight into her experiences in Cambodia in part one of her interview. Do it like a local in Cambodia! (Our favourite part is eating tarantulas!)
Georgie volunteered through Projects Abroad. For more information about this organization please visit their website at /…

Montreal in the Snow

Going home for the holidays, David shares his best recommendations for what and where to eat in Montreal. Do it like a local!
David is an ongoing contributer to Staying Native.   He's a foodie, musician and a technogeek, who would love to be a digital nomad. Until his job permits such a lifestyle, he…

San Francisco Experience - Take 2

Just as good, if not better on the second visit. Do it like a local in San Francisco - It does not disappoint.
Many years ago I remember thinking to myself ‘This is a city I’m sure I’ll love’ while watching the thriller Pacific Heights with Michael Keaton and Melanie Griffith. I wasn’t mis…

My Home away from Home - Charleston, SC

A girl from Toronto, goes away to school in a small town and discovers her love for Charleston - her home away from home. Do it like a local in Charleston, South Carolina!
As a college athlete, Teri is super busy trying to balance her studies, training and, of course, having fun. Being approximately 1492 km from home in Florence, South Carolina,…

Why Croatia?

When a group of well traveled friends picks their next destination, the conversation turns to Croatia. Why Croatia? Why not? With a side trip to Bosnia thrown in for good measure. Do it like a local in Croatia (and Bosnia)!
Christina often finds herself wondering where her money goes but then looks back at pictures of the year and realizes it all goes to trips!  She takes her passion for long dis…

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